M’s Christmas Gifts at 19 Months


Hooray! Christmas shopping is finally complete. We decided to keep it simple since M is far more interested in cooking, cleaning, listening to books and exploring the great outdoors than he is in toys. A few new toys and books are certainly exciting though. I am most excited about this Schleich animal set, featuring mom and baby pigs, cows and chickens. M was very interested in a set of animal flashcards that we inherited, so I thought these would be a nice way to expand that interest.  Continue reading


Montessori on a Budget


I love looking at all of the wonderful Montessori at home blogs, but sometimes I’m left feeling like I need to fill up my Amazon cart with a bunch of beautiful, wooden Montessori materials. While for some this is no problem, others of us may need to watch our Montessori spending habits. Here are a few great works for toddlers that can be made easily at home from inexpensive or recycled materials.

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