Music for Parents and Child

Some “children’s” music can be pretty tough to listen to, so here is a list of my favorite albums to listen to with M. Criteria for making the list: Is super good, sets a positive tone for the house or car and has appropriate language and messages for the most part.



  1. Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs is so good. M and I love the violin and the whistling.


2. Illinoise from Sufjan Stevens is one of my personal favorite albums and seeing that M loves the banjo, he has no choice but to love it too. I never skip over the John Wayne Gacy song, but I could see that getting a little bizarre when M is old enough to process the lyrics.


3. Hard not to love this one. Jacaranda Tree from Josh Garrels was recorded here in Indiana (I guess I’m partial to music from the midwest) and the message is so right on! Thanks to my husband for the introduction to this gem.


4. Anything by Elizabeth Mitchell is so wonderful and hey it’s actually for children. You are my Little Bird is my favorite, but her album Little Seed; Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie is also so darn good.


5. Looking for music to make you feel all warm and cozy on the inside? Here it is. You don’t need to have seen the film to appreciate David Bowie covers in Portuguese. Excellent!!


6. Want to get the dance party started? It’s as simple as this. M loves to jump around and get funky with this upbeat Mediterranean and Balkan fusion.


7. Lastly, M loves the Music Together CD collection so much. These can get to be a little bit much if you over do it, but they are really high quality children’s songs. M got to be a part of the Music Together classes from age 6 months-1.5 years. The classes left a huge impact on him and we hope to join another class soon.

What music do you and your little one groove to? I would love to know!!



Montessori Kitchen

Montessori Kitchen

Thank you to this tiny blue house for introducing me to the free photo topper website I’m loving it!

Here are some photos of how we are trying to give M independence in the kitchen. He is 2 now and he is such a phenomenal helper!


M has his own small table and chair. He often eats with us at the dining room table, but he eats snacks here and does lots of pouring and chopping here. He has a basil plant that he likes to spray with a mister on the table as well.


I have filled out this shelf a bit more to include all of the things that M needs to help set his own place at the table, pour water, scrub and chop fruits and veggies, arrange flowers and clean up spills.  I took out two links of the regular sized stiffer and now it is the perfect size for M. Thank you Molly Pepper for this great idea!


After using a $2 apron from Lowes for several months, I finally bought M an apron from Montessori Services. It was a good investment of $17. He wears it when he helps with the dishes and with food preparation.


I cleared out the bottom shelf of the fridge door and placed hummus with a spreader and crackers in a container, milk, a pitcher of water and a cup of very watered-down juice. M can use the glasses from the kitchen shelf to pour water of milk. There is usually a spill at this stage in the game, but it’s ok since we have the towels and sponge already ready to go.  I try to keep only a very small amount of water and milk in the vessels because M is too young to understand when to stop pouring.


Here are some other prepared snack options for M to choose from the bottom shelf of the fridge.


And finally, where would we be without this item? It gets daily use and I am so happy we took the plunge on this purchase. Yes, my kitchen is yellow with turquoise cabinets. The truth comes out.

Our Sleep Story


Ah yes, a story that we all have: a sleep story.

This is our story of trying to go all-out-Montessori for M’s sleeping arrangements and realizing along the way that actually, the most Montessori thing to do is to follow the child. Here goes the story:

When M was first born, he slept all the time, like most babies. We, however, could not put him down to sleep. He slept on our chests and laps and for the first three weeks we were happy to hold M constantly. After three weeks, my husband headed back to work and I realized that I was tired, extremely tired. I needed M to lay down next to me rather than on me so that I could get comfortable, but every time I laid him down on his back, he would scream after about five minutes.

I finally realized that M had acid reflux and that it was very painful every time he laid on his back. We tried putting a wedge beneath his bassinet mattress and setting him in his swing for sleep, but these things were not working. I was really against putting him on medicine for this issue because I wanted to find a natural remedy. Soon enough I realized two things: M loved, LOVED to sleep on his tummy (dun dun dun) and he needed medicine to help him get through the acid reflux stage.


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