Gardening at 22 Months


I am having so much fun with M in this early spring weather. He can now use a spray bottle on his own, which is for some reason a huge milestone in my mind. Here he is spraying the lovely terrarium that a co-worker gave us for a Christmas gift. Thanks Christy Cooper!



We also started lettuce seeds in our kitchen. The seeds took about 4 days to sprout, so M didn’t have to wait very long at all to see the fruits of his labor. We put the sprouts outside during the day and if it’s cold we keep them inside, near a window. We will move them to larger pots soon so that they have room to grow.



We started sunflower seeds in wet paper towels and a mason jar. This is an activity from a really sweet book called Sow and Grow that my co-worker gifted to me several years ago. Thanks Anna Wegerson! The sunflower seeds also took only about 4 days to sprout.


Here is a peek at the inside of the book. It is definitely worth the $15.00.


Finally, we cut the daffodil and crocus flowers blooming in our back yard. The crocuses do not seem to like being in a vase at all, but the daffodils are just fine.

Happy gardening! Please share you gardening ideas!


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