In the Kitchen at 22 Months


Here is another post about M in the kitchen as it is truly his favorite place in the house. Here he is helping me roll out cookie dough. His favorite part of the cookie experience was certainly the rolling pin. This brought on some serious concentration from a very active and quick-to-move-on little boy. M helped with every step, but this step allowed for more independence than others. As you can see M is using the beloved learning tower. A friend recently asked me if this purchase was worth it and while M does at times stand on a chair for kitchen activities, I feel much calmer when he is using the learning tower since he cannot fall over as easily. So, yes, the learning tower is worth it as long as there is time for you and your child to hang out in the kitchen together. I got this learning tower on amazon for a pretty good deal considering some of them cost $300.00. I am happy with it overall.


Here he is again in the learning tower, but this time doing dishes. This activity has been great for both of us. M loves it and I clean the kitchen and do laundry while he is occupied. Score! I place a bath towel underneath the learning tower to catch all of the inevitable spills that occur during this activity. The time I gain for getting things done makes a quick wipe of the floor totally worth it. M is wearing a very inexpensive apron from Lowe’s Hardware. There are lots of lovely toddler apron tutorials on the web, but for $3, this one does the job very well.




M is now very interested in flower arranging. We use a small pitcher from Goodwill, small vases from Target or Hobby Lobby and discount flowers from the grocery store. I do the cutting, but we are going to try using our crinkle cutter to let M help cut the stems. For now, M loves to pour the water into the vases and then arrange cut flowers into the vases. He also loves to run around the house with the vases and decide where he will put them. This is really fun, but we recently had a guest over and M was so excited to show her his flower arrangement that he spilled it all over her. She was of course very graceful and did not mind, but keep in mind that this activity can get a little interesting.


Introducing the best 22 month old activity ever- Tearing Kale! M did this for 5 minutes straight and for us that is a lot!! It was also a truly helpful dinner contribution. I eventually gave him a bowel and yes he is standing on a chair for this one. We will do this one again and again!


And last, but not in the least bit least, we have the classic water wheel. M loves water similar to almost all toddlers, so this work gets a lot of mileage. I was lucky enough to find this very sturdy, vintage wheel at Goodwill, but we all know that Amazon and Target sell them too for pretty cheap.

What is your toddler up to in the kitchen? I’m always looking for new ways to engage this active boy in the kitchen.


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