Gardening with Young Toddlers


Before embarking on the summer adventure of gardening with my 15 month old, I  did some research about the best ways to set up gardening activities for this age group. I was looking for some magical list of activities that would make this adventure clear-cut.  I found several lovely examples of children assisting their families in the garden (I especially love this one-, but ultimately what I discovered is that there is not a clear-cut way to present gardening activities to a young toddler. The best way to do it, is simply to include them in the tasks that need to be done and be o.k. with your toddler getting dirty and with the tasks taking much longer. 🙂

Here are a few of the fun ways that M got involved with gardening during our summer gardening adventure.


Helping Mommy scoop out dirt to make space for a basil plant. “Hmm, this dirt looks mighty tasty.”


Making off with mommy’s wheelbarrow.


Raking rocks with the rake lovingly referred to as the “broo” (broom).


Picking the basil that we planted earlier in the summer. I let M eat it, but this has led to M trying to eat leaves from lots of non-edible plants. I’m still glad that he got to eat something that we grew.


Running off with the ivy that mommy and grandma had just removed from the side of the house.


Spraying water from the hose (definitive favorite).


Scooping dirt to make room for begonias .


Watering the plants.


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