When Toys are No Fun


Have you ever noticed that your toddler is more interested in “helping” you fold laundry or cook dinner than she is in playing with the toys you so lovingly purchased? I have! Montessori noted that young children/humans in general are desperately seeking to be included in their communities. One sure-fire way to be included is to do something meaningful in the household.  Here are some fun Montessori works involving real, every-day tools that will engage your toddler in meaningful work.


Nothing like a simple broom and dustpan. Make it more fun and add some torn up pieces of newspaper or dried rose petals if you are feeling really fancy for your child to sweep. Provide a small trashcan and your angel will be busy for hours (I mean minutes).


Ah yes, the bottle brush. Make sure the brush is either new or clean because this is certainly going in the mouth. Show your toddler how to unscrew the bottle and insert the brush. It’s just enough of a challenge to make it a lot of fun.  Add more than one bottle to extend the work.

My son loves to “scrub” the floor. Place a very,very small amount of water into a bowl and 100% expect your toddler to dump it all over the floor right off the bat. Keep a close eye on your little one to make sure she doesn’t slip in the water, but otherwise let her loose on the kitchen floor.


This is another take on an open and close basket. These items happen to be very exciting since toddlers see us using them all the time. Make sure the screw on the nozzle of the spray bottle is screwed off as it is a choking hazard.


Glasses in and of themselves are one of the most interesting items ever to our toddler, but add the challenge of putting them into a glasses case? Watch out now!


Last, but very certainly not least is the wallet and cards work. Swing by a thrift store and grab a wallet for cheap, clean it with a tea-tree or vinegar solution, add some old gift cards and let the fun begin.





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