Make Regular Toys into Montessori Works


Maria Montessori referred to children’s activities/toys as the children’s works. She did this as a way to respect the play/activity of the young child as extremely meaningful to their growth and development. Montessorians do not expect children to be constantly “working,” we simply view children’s play as children’s work.

Here is a way to save money and turn some toys that you already own into Montessori works.

  1. Montessori works have a clear goal.
  2. Montessori works have a control of error (this lets the child know if she has completed the work without an adult telling her so)
  3. Montessori works are attractive and contained for ease in carrying them and organization

This is an example of a really sweet Melissa and Doug puzzle toy that I transformed into a Montessori work. I simply selected one of the many puzzle boards and put the rest away, selected the pieces needed for only this puzzle and put them in a basket, then put everything into a tray. Voila!  This makes the toy way more approachable for my toddler and it makes it into a toy that has a very clear goal and control of error.

This is another example of a toy that can easily be transformed into a Montessori work. Taking the geometric shapes out of the box and putting them in a basket makes the goal of the work more obvious. There were originally two of each shape, but I removed one set to make it more approachable to my toddler.

Happy toy transforming!


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