Montessori on a Budget


I love looking at all of the wonderful Montessori at home blogs, but sometimes I’m left feeling like I need to fill up my Amazon cart with a bunch of beautiful, wooden Montessori materials. While for some this is no problem, others of us may need to watch our Montessori spending habits. Here are a few great works for toddlers that can be made easily at home from inexpensive or recycled materials.

Wooden Coins in a Cylinder 

Materials: Wooden coins or large buttons from a craft store (obviously something that is not a choking hazard), Oatmeal container, x-acto knife, small basket, tray


Fabric Squares in a Pouch (see top photo)

Materials: Fabric Scraps cut into squares (different textures are a plus), an empty wipes container ( I used a plastic one that makes a great crinkle sound)


Materials: Plastic containers with lids ( I used spice containers), materials to put inside the shakers ( I used rice, lentils, almonds and pasta), super glue to keep the lids on the containers, a basket

Open and Close Basket

Materials: Anything that a toddler can safely open or close (try using different types of things like small bags with zippers, small boxes, boxes with latches, glasses cases, jars or soap containers. The sky is the limit.), tray


Recycling Can

Materials: Clean trash bin, clean items that  you would normally put in the recycling bin


Wooden Eggs in a Carton

Materials: Egg carton, wooden spheres or eggs from a craft store, a basket or tray, container for the eggs



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